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2017 Amateur Racing Has Begun!
Aaron Hall captured the first event



2016  WHAT A YEAR !

   The New England Amateur Harness Drivers Club had, without a doubt, the best year of racing since they began back in 2002.
The NEAHDC participated in 37 races with purses totaling $171,500 which averaged out to $4,635 per race.
The increase in the purse total was an amazing 48.5% over 2015.

The increase in purse money can be attributed to the increased percentage from slot revenue . In addition to the purse
increases, the club had twenty-seven members on their roster, some of which drove occasionally or not at all
and yet still supportive.

    The 2016 season was very rewarding in two additional ways. First,the amateur club was able to donate over $10,000
to various charities (see below). This amount was more than double last years total. The satisfaction our club gets,
knowing we contributed to these worthy charities is amazing. Secondly, the purse money was won by all (or nearly all) local owners and trainers.

The last two races, both with a full field of eight, offered purses of $20,000 and $15,000 respectively.
Everyone in those races were local owners and trainers who have supported Plainridge and the amateur club.

Enough can’t be said about the Plainridge management team for all the support the have shown the amateur club.
We are truly grateful.

 As 2017 approaches the NEAHDC looks forward to another successful season as well as its continued
effort to support so many worthwhile charities.

                                                       Bill Abdelnour

Classy Lane Farm fundraiser            $4,012

Living Bread Food Pantry                  $2,000

Owner/Trainer Bonuses                    $1,200

St. Judes Childrens Hospital               $300

Autism Speaks                                      $300

T&G Santa Fund                                   $300

Boston Childrens Hospital                  $200

Harness Horse Youth Foundation       $200

Standardbred Retirement Foundation $200

Capabilities                                             $200

Windbrush Farm (theraputic riding)     $200

Sunshine Horses Inc.                            $200

American Cancer Society                      $200

Edible Arrangements                             $319.98
(Tom Mello,Mr. Salerno,Mrs Longobardi)

Horsemens Tack                                    $ 492
(neahdc & Tom Mello coolers)East

East Coast Embroidery                         $107
(Tom Mello plaque)

Orleans County Fair                             $150

Pinnacle Deals (tv donation)                 $278.15

City Trophies (NEAHDC)                        $141.46

Fouts Memorial (Del.,Ohio)                     $500

365 z Foundations                                    $200
(community program for inner
  city students)

                                                          Total $11,700.59


Miscellaneous Expenditures
Petit Productions(fundraiser)         $750

Donut Cafe & Goretti’s market        $ 281.55

BJ’s paddock food                            $125.04

Judy Therrien (paddock food)          $325

Piezoni’s pizza (paddock)                 $295

BJ’s (paddock cookout )                   $373.87

USTA membership                             $100

Website                                               $83.88

Surabian Advertising                         $118.38

Accountant                                          $100

Office (Staples & stamps)                  $50.83
                                            TOTAL _________                                                








Pictures by Lori Dupuis and Cath Bouthillier





A very special thanks to our Sponsors since 2002