New England Amateur Harness Drivers Club
Frequently Asked Questions:
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Who can drive as an amateur driver?

In order to drive in NEAHDC races you must first be a USTA member and have a “P” or “A” license.
To find out how to obtain a license contact the US Trotting Association (

You also need to qualify as an amateur driver. The definition we use is as follows:

An “amateur driver” is one who has not accepted any valuable consideration by way of or in lieu
of compensation for services as a driver from a third party during the last ten years.

Is amateur driving safe?

One of NEAHDC’s original premises was to give members the experience of driving in races and to make those
races as safe as possible.  All NEAHDC races are subject to the scrutiny by the judges as well as race track officials.

Do I need to own race horses to participate?

Yes, it is necessary to own your own to participate in NEAHDC races.

If you would like to get involved in being an owner, the NEAHDC can help point you in the right
direction of trainers who are “amateur” friendly.

Who are members of the NEAHDC?

A lot of current members of the NEAHDC are owners of standardbred horses that race at Plainridge Racecourse.
These members come from all walks of life including engineers, teachers, realtors, business owners,
computer technicians, and many other professions and jobs.

What are some of the other things the NEAHDC does?

As a non-profit club our focus has been helping and supporting charitable organizations.
Since our inception, we have donated thousands of dollars to everything from St.Judes Children’s Hospital
to retirement groups who care for race horses when their careers are over. A complete list of charitable groups
we’ve supported can be found on our website. The NEAHDC has also competed in a Pro-Am race and plan
to again on a regular basis. One of the really exciting things our club does is sponsor a member in the
Tim Fouts memorial race held during “Jug” week in Delaware , Ohio .
There they get to meet and compete against amateur drivers from all over the country.

The club members have come back with great memories that will surely last a lifetime.

How do I join the NEAHDC?

  The easiest way is to go to our website where you can get an application, otherwise you can contact the NEAHDC
by phone or e-mail. The annual dues are $25.00 for re-newals and $50.00 for new members.
The NEAHDC is always looking for new and enthusiastic members who love harness racing and helping others.